Braces systems

Braces systems

Orthodontics - the direction of dentistry dealing with the treatment of teeth irregularities, violations of the dentition and the maxillofacial bone.

At the initial consultation, the physician assesses the condition of the dentition and bite, takes imprints for the manufacture of diagnostic models, and makes a series of photographs, finds out complaints, wishes and expectations of the patient.

After that, the doctor refers the patient for futher examenations such as orthopantomogram, lateral telerentgenogram. X-ray analysis allows the specialist to evaluate the nature and cause of the pathology, predict the limits of the movement of teeth, the duration of treatment. After, you will be offered a treatment plan.

In childhood, with slight pathology, sometimes it is possible to succeed with removable structures (plates, capes, functional apparatuses). The most effective treatment is with non-removable bracket systems. Bracket systems are: metal, ceramic, sapphire.


Doctors consultation 350 UAH
Metal braces  
Transparent (ceramic and sapphire) braces  
All prices will be agreed after the initial consultation.

* The cost of services may vary with respect to the fluctuation of the UAH exchange rate to the EUR.
Confirm the final cost of the treatmentswith the receptionist of the center via the phone: +38 067 715 87 49.