X-ray in dentistry. Dissemination of the myths

X-ray in dentistry. Dissemination of the myths
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Recently, more and more of our patients are asking questions about the safety of the use of X-ray diagnostics in dentistry. I want to say that around this topic there has always been a lot of different myths, thoughts and prejudices that are based on the so-called phobias to everything that is at least slightly associated with radiation. Therefore I decided to write a brief answer to your questions about X-rays to calm you down a little.

The dose of radiation received during X-ray is measuredfor an entire body in a unit calledSievert. According to the norm, when carrying out prophylactic medical X-ray procedures and scientific researches, this dose should not exceed 1000 μSv (microsert) per year.

What is 1000 μSv? Is there a lot of this? 1000 μSv is about:

  • 500 x-ray images (2-3 mSv) obtained with a radio-visualograph;
  • 100 of the same, but using a good X-ray film (10-15 microseconds);
  • 80 digital orthopantomograms (13-17 μSv);
  • 40 membrane orthopantomograms (25-30 mSv);
  • 20 computer tomograms (45-60 microseconds).

Therefore, as you can see, even if every day during the whole year to take 1 photo (for example, on a radiosyograph, which is present in our center), in addition you will also make a few 3D computer tomograms and the same number of orthopantomograms you still will not go beyond the safe yearly limit of radiation.

Conclusion – there is no need to be afraid of dental X-ray, as radiation dosage is really small.

With only dental X-rays you do not stand a chance to exceed the yearly radiation limit.

However, every day we receive a small dose of radiation. It can be in the streets, when we are walking under the gentle rays of sun, or at home, where we have TV, stove, microwave and other kitchen appliances. This means that radiation iseverywhere! Therefore, even if you do a few consecutive X-rayshots, you do not need to panic and search the Internet for the first "symptoms of radiation sickness". If you need to calm down, treat yourself with the glass of wine (I am joking). Of course, it won’t reduce the level of radiation, but it will improve your mood! J

And lastly, in order to obtain significant damage to their body from X-ray radiation, that means, to get ill with Radiation Disease, you need to get - 1,000,000 microseconds (light level) or 4,500,000 microsecond (severe level).