Dentistry for pregnant women

Dentistry for pregnant women
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For most women, pregnancy is the happiest moment, a period of the birth of a new life. From conception to birth, a pregnant woman feels a lot of anxieties and fears, both for herself and for her baby, so she tries to get plenty of information from different sources to be calm for the health and life of her future baby.

It is understandable that future mothers are concerned about the possible influence of cavities on the baby, as well as fears about whether it is possible to treat their teeth during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, most of the expecting mothers know very little about the importance of cavity prevention before and during pregnancy. Therefore, we will give you some advice on keeping the right oral hygiene in order to raise awareness of your own dental health and health of your future child.

Here are some recommendations for the prevention of cavity during pregnancy:

  • compliance with the hygiene rules of the oral cavity (teeth should be cleaned after each meal, if you do not have such opportunity, then you will use dental flosses);
  • conduct professional oral hygiene twice a year in order to prevent the occurrence of gingivitis in pregnant women;
  • healthy eating (reducing sugar, carbonated beverages, flour products, etc.);
  • planned visits to a dentist (if you ignore these rules, there may be complications in the form of cavities, which in turn, if not treated, will lead to pulpitis and periodontitis.

Pulpitis and periodontitis are caused by the destruction of the tooth which reaches the vascular-nerve bundle inside the tooth, resulting in inflammationof the tooth. This process has a two-fold effect on the future child:

  • firstly, when the pulp of the tooth is getting inflamated, the toxins from the hearth of inflammation are absorbed into the blood and spread throughout the body. The consequences of this process are quite unfavorable, both for women and for the development of the fetus.
  • secondly, the woman's psychoemotional state plays a big role in the state of the fetus. Toothache is a psychologically traumatic factor. Pain causes changes in many systems and organs of people. For example, pain leads to increased release of certain hormones and changes in hormonal balance. Ofcourse, allofthisalsoaffectsthefetus.

Preventing cavity before and during pregnancy is a guarantee that during pregnancy and breastfeeding woman will keep her teeth healthy and provide good dental health to her future baby.

If you are still wondering whether to treat your teeth during pregnancy, be sure that you can and should do it!

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