Oschebska Uliana Orestivna

Oschebska Uliana Orestivna
Dentist, Orthopedist
25 years of experience

UlianaOrestivna is a dentist of the highest qualification in the fields of therapy and orthopedics. Trained in Germany and Poland. Regularly improves her knowledge and skills in dentistry and cosmetology, attends scientific and practical conferences, lectures, exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Has certification not only in dentistry, but also comsethology on laser therapy, botulinum-therapy, contouring plastic.

Collaborates with orthodontist, hygienist, periodontologist, implantologist and cosmetologist, creating a comprehensive smile design for the patient.

In dental practice, the doctor uses a diode laser to disinfect the nerve canals, carious cavities, periodontal pockets, and the deepithelialization of the fistulas. In microsurgery - for correction of the gingival margin, bristle plastics, removal of papillomas. Uses the method of plasma therapy in the treatment of periodontal diseases.


1993 year - Lviv National Medical University named after D. Halytskyi, specialization "Dentistry"


  • Certificate of confirmation of the highest qualification category in "Therapeutic dentistry", issued by the Department of Health of Lviv Regional State Administration, 2015.
  • Certification in the field of Orthopedic Dentistry.

Participation in associations:

Association of Dentists of Ukraine.

Procedures performed by the doctor:

  • Dental consultation;
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth;
  • Painless nerve canaltreatment;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Teethprostetics with metal ceramics;
  • Installation of non-metal crowns and veneers based on zirconium dioxide or SHOFU pre-starch.
  • Caries treatment;
  • Periodontal treatment;
  • Treatment of pulpitis.