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Oshchebska Ulyana Orestivna– a dentist, orthopedist and an extremely professional doctor who has been helping patients to receive a healthy and beautiful smile for over 25 years – is the founder of the SMILE & BEAUTY Dentistry and Beauty Center. For her, dentistry is not just a profession, it is a labor of love, in which it is important to be a real professional, to love people, to be attentive, to have patience, and to bring people joy and confidence!"


Smile and beauty are a calling card of a modern person, the basis of its success. Regardless of age or gender, a smile is a confirmation of our self-confidence, and a healthy skin emphasizes our status. This is why in the SMILE & BEAUTY dentistry and beauty center, we tackle the issue of a beautiful smile comprehensively, eliminating defects of teeth, facial skin, and facial soft tissues delicately and effectively.

We provide all types of dental services and aesthetic cosmetology services. The best doctors with over 25 years of experience in the field of dentistry, professional hygiene of the oral cavity, dermatology, and aesthetic cosmetology work at the center. Treatment begins with an examination and a consultation, and then highly professional doctors (orthodontist, surgeon, implantologist, therapist, orthopedist, dermatologist and cosmetologist) will provide you with all the necessary procedures for teeth restoration, as well as for restoring the beauty of your face and body, according to an individual treatment plan.

The SMILE & BEAUTY Dentistry and Beauty Center is a unique facility where each service is designed to give you confidence and a beautiful smile.


We work with technologies, tools, and materials from recognized world leaders in the field of dentistry, in particular:

  • premium KaVo and Dentsply instruments - for the treatment of teeth and root canals;
  • Sonic flex ultrasound - for dental hygiene;
  • Heine binocular loupes with 3.5 increase;
  • diode laser - for microsurgical procedures and root canal treatment;
  • VECTOR system - for the treatment of periodontal diseases;
  • intraoral camera - for the photofixation of the state of teeth;
  • radiovisiograph - for X-ray examination.
  • Cosmetics from the recognized brands: MASTELLI, ALLERGAN, NEAUVIA, PRINCESS, BOTOX, XEOMIN, INNO, SIMILDIET, FILORGA - for facial rejuvenation procedures (biorevitalization, mesotherapy, Botulinum therapy, wrinkle filling, autoplasmotherapy (PRP).

These technologies and tools allow us to perform all procedures as quickly as possible, qualitatively, and painlessly.

According to the highest standards of modern dentistry, all procedures at the SMILE & BEAUTY center are performed painlessly, with the use of local anesthetics, which deprive patients of any uncomfortable feelings during treatment.

Our patients' medical history is kept electronically, with pictures taken before and after treatment.



In order to ensure provision of high-quality services for our patients, we gathered together professional doctors, state-of-the-art technologies, and high-quality materials.

Alongside with the rapid development of dentistry, our doctors are constantly improving their knowledge and skills by participating in international conferences and forums and carrying out teaching activities.

The ability to value every patient, professionalism of doctors in one particular field, which helps solve the most complex individual problems of patients and foresee the development of various pathologies, ensures trust and long-term relationships with patients, who usually visit the center with their families and invite their friends.

THOUSANDS of patients entrusted their smile to us.

We invite you to visit our SMILE & BEAUTY Dentistry and Beauty Center!

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